Why Erasmus, Why Frankfurt?

What is Erasmus and how did my Erasmus journey begin?

Erasmus is formed of different programs that would encourage young people in European Union (EU) countries to interact in cultural, social and academic ways. It is also a mobility tool to discover other EU countries and learn languages. In this post, I will be talking about Erasmus for university exchange in which the program is financially supported by EU.

I was a senior economics student in Bilkent University, Turkey and each year our school was offering a selection process for the Erasmus program. I was always curious about European countries and with my husband got a state scholarship to study abroad; we tried to search for a city that is both on the Erasmus list and fulfilling in terms of law&economics education, a European city life and language support. Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany seemed as the best option and we went with it.

Grüneburgpark Behind University

Do you recommend Frankfurt and Goethe University for Erasmus?

Yes, I think the city offers much with easy transportation to other European countries. The historical remains of castles and old churches can be seen when traveled and Germany is a green country. The quality of teaching in Goethe university is great and it is a good university to spend an exchange semester.


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