A Weekend Gateaway from Frankfurt : Hessenpark Open Air Museum


Have you been visiting old cities around Germany and Europe and wondering what was it like when those cities were alive? We have been visiting all those old houses, common German settlings of town centers and churchs but the history behind what we were seeing remained ambigous until we discovered an open air museum near Frankfurt where history of old German life exhibited.  If you are looking for a weekend (or week) gateaway to experience something different and yet want to be not so far away from Frankfurt, Hessenpark is just for you as a living museum. Hessenpark allows you to catch a glimpse of the past and “over a hundred half-timbered houses from five different centuries,situated on the 65-hectare museum estate, invite visitors to discover the everyday lives of people who lived here” as it promises.

My experience in Hessenpark was amazing. We traveled across Freizeitpark and Horse farms and inside the woods there was a town brought back from the past. The staff was friendly and we bought our tickets and started our day in Hessenpark. We were being astonished as we walked in to each house as there were displays of lives of people from centuries ago. The crafts of people back then with their tools and other equipments are exhibitied through houses and garages. Besided houses, there are animal farms, workshops where the crafts are demonstrated, windmills, and even small lakes. You can hear a hammer beating on iron while you see tools that was used for agriculture.


I think one of the best parts of the museum is the distance between houses and other settlements like these are not so close and it made all of things more real to me. The other thing that amazed me was the marketplace. The grocery was fulled with the old products, there were herbs and signes of old healing techniques in the pharmacy, there were old photos, personal items and you can see the electronic development in one of the shops around the town center.

I definitely recommend open air museum to anyone who is interested in experience to living in old times. Your kids would love the environment and museums as they can move freely and be loud freely while you can be relaxed as whole place is secured. There are also hens, goats, sheeps and cows in the meadows that your children can enjoy. You can take a walk in the woods with various birds tweeting. You can follow special exhibitons of Everyday life ,Upheaval and Momentum; Hesse Electrified and The Vogelsberg Railway Between Lauterbach and Stockheim till December 2017. Also you are welcomed to bring your four-legged friends to museum as long as they are kept on a lead. The entry fee for dogs was 1 Euro when we went.

The opening times of the museum is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (from March to September), the last entry is at 5 p.m. for the low season (from November to February) . Open air museum is open on Sundays and public hollidays form 10a.m. to 5 p.m. There are also events where the town is revitalised and there is bauernmarkt across the year so you can follow the dates on the image below to have a more dynamic experience.


After all, if you want to have a good day in open air, Hessenpark is for you. You can get there by car and by bus. It is 30 minute by car from Frankfurt and there are busses from Neu-Anspach and Wehrheim where you can get by train from Frankfurt. More information is on here.




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