Surviving or Thriving: Where do we stand on Mental Health?

Starting from today, Mental Health Foundation in the UK announced this week as Mental Health Awareness week with theme of “Surviving or Thriving” and published their report on Mental Health of the UK. According to their report 83 per cent of the UK stated that they experienced a mental health problem and each 4 out of 10 people stated that they experienced depression. The findings are found disturbing by the foundation and they encourage us to thrive our lives with a better menta health.It seems that raising awareness goes well in Twitter with #mhaw17, and that’s how I came across this wonderful efforts.

So what is mental health and how much we are aware of out mental health? According to, mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being and it affects how we think, feel, and act. So, it is basically how we live our life that we should not be surviving while we could thriving. Mental health is related to genes but in most cases it is about your way of life; how you live with environment, friends and having more fears than hopes. According to foundation’s findings only 13 per cent of their sample is living with a good mental health which means that most of us even don’t know or deal with our mental health as we normalize our problems or listen to consolations of not-to-over-think. The thing is if we do not find out and accept our health issues, we cannot solve them. Therefore, here are the things you could see as a warning indicators of a bad mental health:

Warning Signes of Mental Health Problems.

If you notice any of these in your daily life, you should share your thoughts with someone you care and find out how you can protect yourself from bad mental health. If you notice someone around you has these signs, just offer them your help. The best way to maintain our health is to thrive and flourish with people who also thrives. The Mental Health Foundations comes up with 5 thriving action plans to get over bad mental health which mainly adressing authorities and specialists but first step is to raise awareness among ourselves.


Besides, following findings of the report, I have read so many articles on how social media makes many of us feel worse as we look up to others “perfect lives”. I feel that this situation is about struggling with own identity, not knowing who you really are so that you are dragged by others lives. Maybe you adjust somehow by emulating and not live in your best mental health or you do not fit in and become worse. I think the real deal behind our mental health is to discover ourselves, find our ways and hold on to our belief. By this way, you would also be finding the people that you want around you and thrive together. I think most thriving-suggestion-articles I read today supports my bottomline. It is still okay to be sad, tired and to need help sometimes but you should feel and have your strength through your journey of life and keep your strenght sources (your family, friends, activities, belief) close to you as a reminder.




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