User Guide With Pictures: How to Find a House/an Apartment in Germany through Internet? 4 is a website in Germany where houses(Haus), apartments(Wohnung), WG (shared living or room rentals), temporary-leased apartments, offices and many other real estate properties are offered to people for either rent or sale. For any city in Germany, you can find the ads you are looking for on this site. However, this website is in German and even though you translate it to English, there are some real estate terms widely used in Germany that you might not know, so how to use this site to get you the right apartment?

When you first enter, you will find the home page where you can type and search for basic properties you are looking for.

Rewitae Immobilienscout user guide

  1. Are you looking for a place to rent (Mieten) or buy (Kaufen) ?
  2.  Where do you want to live (Wo: Ort, Stadt, Strasse, PLZ)? You can type region, city, street or postal code here
  3. What kind of real estate are you looking for? Your options are: Apartment (Wohnung), Detached (Haus), Intercity Apartment or Detached (Wohung Auf Zeit), Living with others (WG Zimmer)
  4.  What is your price range? The maximum amount of total rent you can afford (“bis” means “up to” , so if you write 550 euros, rented houses up to 550 euros will be displayed).
  5.  How many rooms are you looking at? Here you will write the minimum number you want, (Ab = starting from) if you write 1.5, you will face aparments having 1.5 or more rooms.
  6. How many square meters you want as a living area? Here you will write the minimum number you want, (Ab = starting from) if you write 40, you will face aparments having 40 square meters living area or more.
  7.  What is the radius that you would like your apartment to be in with regards to what you wrote in 2? If you choose 5 km, apartments in 5 km radius (Umkreis) will be displayed , or you can choose a travel time(Fahrzeit).
  8. You can see how many apartments fit the features you selected here, and you can reach them when you press them.

However this is not all, after seeing your options, there is a search that you need to customize. As a matter of fact, the houses that face you can be without balcony, without kitchen, without basement or garage. Creating a profile helps you to find all features you want:

Rewitae Immobilienscout kullanma kılavuzu 2

1. After pressing Suche Anpassen (Customise search) button, you will see this screen. Here, 2&3&4&5&6 is the same as the homepage.

7. Since apartments in Germany usually don’t have any kitchen, it is important to choose EinbauKüche, meaning an apartment with kitchen. If you don’t choose this options, you would have to buy your own kitchen, deal with costs and process and remove it when you are leaving. (or convince next tenant or owner to take over your kitchen). Also here the garage option is important if you have a car, not all houses offer a garage and the parking is mostly difficult in Germany. The garage would be rented to you monthly around 30 Euros.

8&9 are kind of complementary as you choose stage at 8 and at 9 you can choose your apartment to be on; basement (Souterrain), ground floor (Erdgeschoss), middle floors (Etagenwohnung), penthouse(roof) (Dachheschoss); or if you want a the duplex (Maisonette) or the terrace (Terrassenwohnung) apartment.

At 10, you can choose if you want Balcony or Garden as not all apartments offer them.

At 11, you can choose an apartment that already has Internet connection

And you customised your search, at 12 you can see how many ads fit to your selection!

immo 3.png
After customising you can also see houses on map. Also you can know whether your house is advertised by a landlord(Von privat) or by a real estate agent(a logo you’d see right corner of the ad picture)

You can sort your list by;

  • Kaltmiete(Cold Rent)
  • Zimmeranzahl(Room number)
  • Wohnflaeche(Living area)
  • Aktualitaet(Relevance)

And the Terms you should know in your chosen ads are

  • Kaltmiete: Cold Rent which is a rent without additional cost.
  • Nebenkosten: Additional costs like water, stairs cleaning etc, and sometimes electricity and heating costs (Heizkosten)
  • Gesammiete or Warmmiete: The Warm Rent,this is the total rent you would pay.
  • Kaution: The Deposit, the landlords usually expects you to pay 3 cold rents as Kaution and return this amount when you are leaving the apartment.

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